My research is centered around building new computing architectures to better process the data we find in the world around us. Currently, together with my team at TUDelft, I build neuromorphic (brain-inspired) processors that enable computers to understand fast real-time streams of data. Our efforts span the spectrum of computer architecture, ultra-low power digital design, analog design, neuroengineering/neuroscience, and machine learning algorithms.

In the past, our activities focussed on realizing a low-power thousand-core 3D-stacked multiprocessor for mobile applications. Specifically, we investigated issues pertaining to network-on-chip interconnects, memory hierarchies, temperature management, and 3D design.

Our work on thermal management for multiprocessors was featured in a video by the Netherlands Institute for Research on ICT in early 2014 (in Dutch).

The video below shows the localized heating of components within a 32KB data cache for sequential accesses within the first few milliseconds after startup. The video was created using a simulation framework we developed in 2014 to enable thermal-aware design space exploration.

Note: Internal components are annotated in the video. Temperature scale changes at 1:00 minute on account of higher temperatures.

Please refer to our publications for specific details on our work.